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Jim Yunker lives in Macomb, a small town in West-Central Illinois. Many of his subjects, such as the above example of a meadow, are found close to home. However, Jim often travels to California to visit relatives, where he is inspired by the magnificent Pacific coast. His wife Penelope is originally from Britain and the couple also often travel there, where gorgeous views abound.

Jim Yunker in his studio The photograph at left shows Jim Yunker in his studio working on a large painting of a Missouri farm located near the west bank of the Mississippi River. Whether in Macomb, California or Britain, Jim uses his digital camera to capture images of natural beauty, from which to create "good to be alive" views of rural landscapes and coastal seascapes. Although Jim has painted many different subjects, including portraits, still lives, cityscapes and numerous copies of works by the great artists from John Constable to Frederick Church, most of his work consists of landscapes and seascapes of California, Britain, and the U.S. countryside, mainly the Midwest. 

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Category: U.S. Landscapes
Location: Illinois
Title: Country Lane
Size: 20 x 30
Price: $750

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Category: U.S. Landscapes with Water
Location: Illinois
Title: Lamoine River
Size: 24 x 36
Price: $1,250

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Category: Pacific Seascapes
Location: California
Title: Rocky Coast
Size: 20 x 30
Price: $750

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Category: British Landscapes and Seascapes
Location: Kent
Title: Land and Sky
Size 20 x 24
Price: $500

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Piano Music: Opus 18, Number 9 (Midi File)

"Memories" - Father's Personal History (15 MB pdf file)